Jamplay vs Guitar Tricks Comparison

If you are a guitar student or somebody who really wants to learn the guitar, you probably have a desire to find guitar courses online that can complement or increase your skills. Looking for and subscribing to online courses of any kind is one of the smartest things you can do in this century. It is not only extremely convenient to learn online, but it is also effective as you can go over lessons as many times as you want until you are confident. In the world of guitar courses, two platforms stand out from the rest – Jamplay and Guitar Tricks. Here is a short Jamplay vs Guitar Tricks comparison to help you make the right choice for your lessons.

Best Jamplay and Guitar Tricks Comparison


The two online platforms have a high credibility. Guitar Tricks has been in the market for a long time and is has certainly seen more students pass through it. Even today, it has more users than Jamplay. The platform is well-established and refined because of the experience in the industry. Jamplay on the other hand is a relatively new but extremely popular platform. It is growing at a high rate and might catch up with the former platform. It has gained popularity because of its simple approach that enables users to learn through easy and uncomplicated lessons.


Both platforms have thousands of lessons at every level. They both also have various genres, progress tracking, customizable user interfaces and teaching charts. The difference however is that Jamplay includes a system of collecting points and badges which are quite useful for motivating learners. Guitar Tricks has more song lessons than Jamplay, but the latter has more genres than the former. The video lessons from Guitar Tricks can be downloaded but this is not the case with Jamplay videos. Both platforms have various learning and reference tools that help learners get an in-depth knowledge of the course.

Other key similarities and differences

The similarities between the two platforms continue to show when you look at the extra features they both offer. Guitar Tricks for instance, has an active forum and a game to help learners improve their skills. This is what you can find at Jamplay also, with the only difference being that there are 3 games here as opposed to the single one at Guitar Tricks. The pricing is also the same but while there is a 2-month return policy at Guitar Tricks, there is only a week at Jamplay. Learning guitar from the two platforms is definitely more similar than different. The subtle differences can probably help you choose.

As it can be seen from this short Jamplay vs Guitar Tricks comparison, both platforms have unique experiences that make each hard to overlook. They are both highly cited, favored and recommended by many guitar learners. Their prices are competitive and they both offer great content. The differences do exist in the finer details of each platform. Even so, the choices and preferences of each particular learner will be ultimate decider in such a tight contest.