Maryland Center for Civic Education Correspondent

December 1, 2000 Volume 1, Issue 2

The MCCE Announces its Officers and Board of Directors for 2000-2001

The Maryland Center for Civic Education [MCCE], a non-profit organization, specializing in civic education initiatives and headquarters in Arnold, Maryland is proud to announce its Officers and Board of Directors for 2000-2001.


  • John Chairperson is Lieutenant Governor Kathleen Kennedy Townsend;
  • President is John Burrell, Maryland Municipal League;
  • Vice-President, John Boschert(R, District 33),
  • Secretary, John Miller, Director, of the Maryland State Law Library.

Board members and their terms include:

  • Dr. John Brooks, History Department, John Arundel Community College (2000-2003),
  • John D. Levy, Esquire, (2000-2003);
  • Dr. John Stiverson, Director, London Town Foundation (2000-2002);
  • the Honorable John Hanson Briscoe, Circuit Court St. Mary's County(2000-2002);
  • John Porter, Maryland General Assembly (2000-2002);
  • Dr. John Frantzich, Political Science Department, United States Naval Academy (2000-2002);
  • John Potter, Esquire (2000-2002);
  • John Shaw-Geter, District Court, Prince George's County (2000-2001);
  • John Bland, Esquire (2000-2001);
  • John Vitale, R-Anne Arundel County Council Fifth District (2000-2001);
  • Dr. John Jarvis, Director, Council for Economic Education (2000-2001),
  • Dr. John Ridgway, History Department, University of Maryland, College Park (2000-2001).
Dr. John F. Adomanis, serves as the Executive Director and Marcie Taylor-Thoma, serves as Associate Director of MCCE.

MCCE Sponsors Student Programs and Contests
The Maryland Center for Civic Education is co-sponsoring two contests for students during the Spring 2001.The first is a 4th Grade Essay Contest with the Maryland Municipal League entitled "If I Were Mayor..." This contest will become part of Municipal Government Week activities to be held April 23-27 in Annapolis.

The second contest is held in conjunction with Law Day activities to be held on May 1 and is co-sponsored with the Maryland State Law Library. This poster contest is open to all middle and high school students. This year's theme is "Protecting the Best Interests of Children."

MCCE To Participate in Newspaper in Education Week

The Maryland Center for Civic Education in cooperation with the Center for Civic Education and The Baltimore Sun will participate in Newspaper in Education Month activities in March by publishing a twelve-page student insert focusing on Civic Education.

Activities planned for the insert include eighth grade level materials that will highlight Civic Education programs including We the People...The Citizen and the Constitution, We the People...Project Citizen, and Foundations of Democracy. The theme will be "Authority."

NIE Week program is dseigend to complement the outstanding work done throughout the year by classroom educators by focusing a particular theme. The newspaper becomes a direct application or extension of the learning process and aims to reinforce a positive and relevant lifetime reading habit. The planned activities are also part of MCCE's Civic Literacy Campaign in Maryland.

Coordinating activities for the Baltimore Sun is John Hauswald, Educational Liaison.

MCCE Hosts International Reception
CIVITAS: An International Civic Education Exchange program held its annual Director's Meeting, November 9-12, 2000 in Washington, D. C. As part of Secretary of Education Richard Riley's announcement that November 11-18 was proclaimed International Education week, The Maryland Center for Civic Education hosted a reception at corporate headquarters.

Among those in attendance included MCCE members, Dr. James F. Adomanis and Marcie Taylor-Thoma, Dr. Steve Frantzich, USNA, Delegate David Boschert (R-33), and international guests Nimi Walson Jack, CIVITAS Nigeria, Uden Winataputra and Ace Suryadi, CICED Indonesia, Dubravaka Poljak Mararuha , Republic of Croatia, and Besim Beqaj, Kosovo. Staff members from the Los Angeles based Center for Civic Education included John Hale, Tam Taylor, and Ron Morris. Marlyn Cover, Classroom Law Project, represented Croatia's other partner state,Oregon.

State Competition for We the People... Programs Announced

The We the People...Citizen and the Constitution state competition will be held on Friday, February 2, 2001 in Washington County. Elementary, middle, and high schools will be participating in this competition. It will be the first time that an elementary and middle school competition has been held. Saint Maria Goretti High School from Hagerstown is the defending Maryland State champion and has won the competition the last four years.

We the People...Project Citizen state competitions will take place in two formats. The first is a portfolio only competition to be held during Maryland Municipal League April 23-27 and will be judged at Maryland Municipal League headquarters in Annapolis. The second will include an oral hearings program on May 21 and will be held at the Legislative Assembly Rooms in Annapolis.

CIVITAS Maryland
As part of the CIVITAS INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE partnership with the Ministry of Education and Sport of the Republic of Croatia, the Maryland Center for Civic Education will participate in three teacher-training programs.

The first will focus on Foundation of Democracy Training and be held February 8-10, 2001 in Stubicke Toplice, Croatia. The second will involve continuing training in We the People...Project Citizen and be held February 15-17 also at Stubicke Toplice. A second Foundations of Democracy training will occur on the Isle of Krk, Croatia, April 21-23, 2001. The foundations training will involve Fair Bears Learn about Justice and will be incorporated into the primary school curriculum in Croatia. Along with Project Citizen training, regional showcases are also planned.

MCCE will pilot two lessons on Croatian history and Civic Education from the Face to Face Comparative Democracy materials developed by the Mershon Center at Ohio State University. MCCE will also be developing a series of lesson plans during the 2001-2002 to be field tested in Maryland. MCCE has also applied for a grant from the American Historical Association and the United States Institute of Peace to conduct research for these lesson plans that will involve both Croatian and United States teachers and scholars. A delegation of Croatia educators will also be visiting Maryland later in the school year.

MCCE Receives Civic Literacy Campaign Grant

The Maryland Center for Civic Education was awarded a Campaign for Civic Literacy grant from the national Center for Civic Education. MCCE will use this grant to host a planning conference to develop a civic education literacy campaign for the State of Maryland. The National Campaign to Promote Education in Civics and Government offers the follow position statement:

  1. education in civics and government should not be incidental to the schooling of American youth but a central purpose of education essential to the well-being of American democracy;
  2. Civics and government is a subject on a level with other subjects. Civics and government, like history and geography, is an integrative and interdisciplinary subject;
  3. Civics and government should be taught explicitly and systematically from kindergarten through twelve grade whether as separate units and courses or as a part of courses in other subjects;
  4. Effective instruction in civics and government requires attention to the content of the discipline as well as to the essential skills, principles, and values required for full participation in and reasoned commitment to our democratic system.
The goal of education in civics and government is informed, responsible participation in political life by competent citizens committed to the fundamental values and principles of American constitutional democracy. The conference is being planned for the Spring of 2001 and will be attended by invited officials currently involved in Civic Education initiatives. A full report of this conference will appear in the next newsletter

Teacher Opportunities
The Maryland Center for Civic Education offers a variety of workshops and teacher training opportunities for teachers. Of special interest for teachers are summer institutes to be held at Northeastern University and at the National Conference for State Legislatures Annual Conference.

  • We the People...The Citizen and the Constitution Northeast Regional will be held at Northeastern University, July 27 to August 3.
  • We the People...Project Citizen training is available at the NCSL conference in San Antonio, Texas, August 10-15. All expenses are paid and a stipend is provided.
Contact the center at 541 Norton Lane Suite B Arnold Maryland 21012-2359 for applications or visit our website at http://www.geocities.com/CollegePark/Union/8191.

MCCE Offers Teacher Memberships
Beginning January 1, 2001, the Maryland Center for Civic Education is offering membership in its organization. Annual membership is $10.00 and entitles members to four newsletters, an invitation to the annual conference, participation in Center's activities including workshops, summer institutes, and teacher exchange programs, and free materials or discounts to Center's publications. Please fill out the application listed below, make-out your check or money order to MCCE and mail to 541 Norton Lane, Suite B, Arnold, Maryland 21012-2359. Name________________________________School_____________________________________ Home Address_________________________ School Address______________________________________ __________________________________________________ Phone________________________________Email______________________________________ Fax__________________________________School Phone_______________________________

MCCE To Sponsor First Annual Civics and Government Conference
Maryland Center for Civic Education will sponsor its first Annual Conference, Saturday, March 24, 2001 from 8:30 - 3:30. The conference will be held at the Maryland General Assembly, Annapolis, Maryland. A tentative agenda is listed below:

8:30 - 8:45 a.m. Registration and Refreshments
8:45 - 9:00 a.m. Welcome and Overview
Dr. James F. Adomanis, Executive Director
Marcie Taylor-Thoma, Associate Director

Morning Plenary Session - "James Madison's Legacy to American Constitutionalism and Politics"
9:00 -10:15 "James Madison Legacy to Politics"
Dr. Stephen Frantzich, USNA
10:15 Break
10:45- 12:00 "James Madison's Legacy to Constitutionalism"
Dr. Whitman, Ridgway, UMCP
12:00 Lunch and Exhibits

Afternoon Breakout Sessions 1:00-3:30

Choose One by Circling the Number

Elementary Strand

  1. We the People...The Citizen and the Constitution Elementary School Barbara Yingling, District 2
  2. Foundations of Democracy, K-2 Marcie Taylor-Thoma, MCCE
  3. Foundations of Democracy, 3-5 Blaine Adams, District 5

    Middle School Strand

  4. We the People...The Citizen and the Constitution Middle School Mary Catania, District 3
  5. Foundations of Democracy, 6-8 Diane Roberts, District 8

    High School Strand

  6. We the People...The Citizen and the Constitution High School Dan Pierce, District 7/Evvie Williams, District 6
  7. Foundations of Democracy, 9-12 Christine Anderson Finnery, District 4/Donna Maleotti, Montgomery County Public Schools

    Special Programs

  8. We the People...Project Citizen Middle/High School Cathy Moreland, George Fox Middle School
  9. Lessons in Comparative Democracy, High School James F. Adomanis, MCCE
Registration is $15.00 for members and $25.00 for non-members and includes refreshments and materials. Please circle the afternoon session that you would like to attend, make checks out and mail to: MCCE 541 Norton Lane Suite B Arnold, Maryland 21012-2359

High School CIVITAS Conference

As part of the CIVITAS An International Civic Education Exchange Program, the Maryland Center for Civic Education will sponsor its first high school student CIVITAS conference.

Thirty students from Maryland high schools will be selected to participate. Students will write a eight page position paper on the theme of "The Role of Europe in the 21st Century," and present their findings in a roundtable discussion format. Modeled after the highly successful United States Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference [NAFAC] for college students, this program will be held at the Baltimore Sun on March 14, 2001. University scholars and editors from the Baltimore Sun will serve as discussion leaders and moderators for the conference.


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