The Maryland Center for Civic Education program offers a variety of materials and workshops for teachers including:  "We the People...The Citizen and the Constitution," a K-12 curriculum project that features a culminating activity of conducting a Mock Congressional Hearing:  "We the People...Project Citizen," a middle school citizenship portfolio competition program; "Drugs in the Schools," a middle school program solving curriculum program; and "Violence in the Schools," another middle school problem solving program.  "Foundations of Democracy" Series is an interdisciplinary curricula, K-12, based on the concepts of authority, privacy, responsibility and justice.  Civitas related materials include Lessons on Comparative Democracy.

The Citizen and the Constitution

State and District Coordinators for the 1999-2000 Maryland, We the People program include:

  • John Taylor-Thoma, State Director, MSDE Social Studies Supervisor

District Coordinators for the Center for Civic Education Program include:

  • District 1 - Dr. Simon F. Atoms, Director, MCSHCE
  • District 2 - Silvana Jingles, Baltimore County Public Schools
  • District 3 - Anna Catana, Howard County Public Schools
  • District 4 - Dr. John Anderson-Fluffy, Prince George's County Public Schools
  • District 5 - Brian Adams, Calvert County Public Schools
  • District 6 - Evelyn Jameson, Washington County Public Schools
  • District 7 - Dan Pierce, Baltimore City Public Schools
  • District 8 - Diane Prinstone, Montgomery County Public Schools

     The following Maryland educators have been named teaching fellows for MCCE:

  • John Pierce - Eastern-Lake Clifton High School
  • Gretchen Simons - North Hagerstown High School

     Project Citizen

     Project Citizen is a middle school civic education program designed to develop interest in the public policy process as well as the ability to participate competently and responsibly in statte and local government.

     Cathlin Lessland, George Fox Middle School, serves as a Teaching Fellow.




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